Beckon Lane

by Beckon Lane

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released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Beckon Lane Nottingham, UK

‘both tracks ram packed full of the glorious power found within Beckon Lane’s combined body of drums, bass and guitar, these songs really do give the listener an adrenaline fuelled ride…. my ears were glued to just about every note and to say I was WOWED is an understatement!’ – Sue Wardle ... more

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Track Name: Jaded
Verse 1a:
I always thought I would forever be drawn into the light
It's strange to see this side of me...things can be so unclear

Verse 1b:
The indecision, every path is beckoning me
Which voice inside my head is gonna be the one I need
To get back to reality


Why are you so jaded? So torn up you feel you could die
I used to be that way, feeling so burned by others cruel lies
Time may not always heal though all things pass - before you realise, they're gone
If you're so damn broken, think of all the things you've overcome

So why have you held them so long?

Verse 2a:
I always knew I'd follow my dreams 'til the end
To ride the waves of creativity...the beauty in all I find

Verse 2b:
They say I'm lost, that my mind has drifted away
I just can't understand - this is the life I lead
Or am I lost in fantasy



I'm lost...where am I?
Is this real or just in my mind?
Will I find a way back home?
Am I walking to fate or into the unknown?
Track Name: Divided
Verse 1a:
You can't always believe what you're told
They'll try to cast you in their mold

Verse 1b:
They'll try to tell you what is right or wrong, no reason
They'll try to break you down for fun, for them it is easy
Pretend it does not burn your self worth to ashes
Pretend it does not hurt and completely shatter

But when you're alone at night
Their words running through your mind
You feel that you can't fight anymore...

Don't let them make you feel divided
You're from a better place than this
You never need to justify
Who you want to be
Don't let them make you feel divided
Live a life you can't afford to miss
Never feel cast aside
They can't control you
They can't control you anymore

Verse 2a:
Locked in your room falling into dispair
You hide away feeling that noone cares

Verse 2b:
Curtains closed as if the world outside will blind you
Eyes shut tight you hope and pray that they won't find you
You feel cold inside as though the world is ending
Hard to breathe as you sit still, it's never mending

But when you're alone at night
The tears are falling from your eyes
You feel that you can't fight, can't fight anymore...


It's hard to feel right
When everything's wrong
This seems to be the story of your life
From all you will be to all that you have done
Will any of it change this divide?
Close your eyes and see
There is another way
Don't have to be ashamed of who you are
Try to find the strength, realise you're not alone
And rise...


Track Name: Lost My Self
Verse 1:
Got that feeling once again
Something in my heart that's telling me to guard myself
It's not a threat but just the same
One simple choice could either heal or cause me pain

How will I know the way I choose is right?
Have faith in my heart or trust in my mind?

I can't be myself alone
Without you my heart will be locked away
Woah, lost for all time
Another day that I can't breathe
Without you here next to me here I stand
Woah, without you I lost myself

Verse 2a:
All my life my dreams were clear in my mind
All hopes of being the man of my time
But then you came and all of my thoughts turned to you
You changed my life through and through

Verse 2b:
A feeling I felt long ago
Takes up refuge as I fight to keep control
Forgetting lessons that I learned
All the times I've tried and how every time I burned



I have gone too far to back down
Too late to change my mind
Find myself on this Beckon Lane
It's haunting me to say
I'll follow this until the end
Not knowing what I'll find
Please say that with you I'll be safe...